Poster Presented at NATO Advanced Study Institute

On 1st July 2013, Kieran Massey presented a poster on his work in the NASCENCE project at a NATO Advanced Study Institute on Nano-materials and Nano-architectures in Cork.

NASCENCE poster presented at Evostar 2013

At Evostar 2013, there was a poster session on EU funded projects involving evolutionary computation.

Julian Miller presented a poster on the NASCENCE project.

NASCENCE was mentioned

Recently (2 April 2013) a wired article discussed unconventional computation and NASCENCE was mentioned.

There is also an interesting article mentioned in the article about liquid crystal computing.

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Heterotic computing: exploiting hybrid computational devices

There is a potentially exciting meeting about unconventional computation in November 2013. Some well-known names will be there. I will be using the opportunity to speak about the NASCENCE project. Hopefully we will have some interesting results to report by then.

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