Kick off meeting in York 30th-31st January 2013

The NASCENCE project had it's first kick off meeting at the beautiful city of York. It's was great to meet nearly all the consortium researchers who will be working over the next three years on the project. We got our first look at the protoypes from Durham. These are hand fabricated electrodes on glass slides, with a "dollop" of carbon nano tubes in a polyvinyl alcohol solution.

20130130 164917

The eight gold electrodes have a nylon washer glued on top of them, then the carbon nano tubes in the PVA solution are placed within the centre of the washer. If you click on the image you can see the fabrication more clearly.

20130130 164928

Top side of prototype showing wiring held in place by epoxy resin.

Can't wait to play with these! We're hoping to get some of these sent down to York for work to start as soon as possible. In the meantime, Gunnar and his PhD student Odd Rune in Norway will start work on the new motherboard containing the microelectrode array. We'll be adding more details on this shortly!