Heterotic computing: exploiting hybrid computational devices

There is a potentially exciting meeting about unconventional computation in November 2013. Some well-known names will be there. I will be using the opportunity to speak about the NASCENCE project. Hopefully we will have some interesting results to report by then.

I would like to encourage you to register (free). Here are the details of the meeting.

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce and invite you to participate in a Theo Murphy Discussion Meeting at the Royal Society's Chicheley Hall 7-8 November 2013.

** Heterotic computing: exploiting hybrid computational devices **

Current computational theory deals almost exclusively with single models: classical, neural, analogue, quantum, etc. In practice, researchers use ad hoc combinations, realising only recently that they can be fundamentally more powerful than the individual parts. This meeting brings together theorists and practitioners of various types of computing, to engage in combining the individual strengths to produce powerful new heterotic devices.

* Invited Speakers *
Samson Abramsky (Oxford) http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/samson.abramsky/
Andy Adamatzky (U West of England) http://uncomp.uwe.ac.uk/adamatzky/
Janet Anders (UCL) https://sites.google.com/site/janetanders/people/janet or http://www.ucl.ac.uk/phys/amopp/people/janet_anders
Jacob Beal (BBN Technologies) http://web.mit.edu/jakebeal/www/
Matthias Bechmann (York)
Lee Cronin (Glasgow) http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/cronin/
Jerzy Gorecki (Warsaw) http://ichf.edu.pl/person/gorecki.html 
Natasha Jonoska (U South Florida) http://shell.cas.usf.edu/~jonoska/
Julian Miller (York) http://www.elec.york.ac.uk/staff/jfm7.html
Klaus Mølmer (Aarhus) http://pure.au.dk/portal/en/persons/klaus-moelmer%28860eabfe-1f03-496d-9a90-87b7f29c21bf%29.html
Alan Murray (Edinburgh) http://www.ee.ed.ac.uk/~afm/
Susan Stepney (York) http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/susan/
Damien Woods (Caltech) http://www.dna.caltech.edu/~woods/

* Discussion panel and sessions chairs *
Tony Hey (Microsoft) http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/tonyhey/
Tony Hoare (Microsoft) http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/people/thoare/
Malcolm Levitt (Southampton) http://www.southampton.ac.uk/chemistry/about/staff/mhl.page
Ottoline Leyser (Cambridge) http://www.slcu.cam.ac.uk/research/ottolineleyser.html

* Organisers *
Viv Kendon (Leeds) http://quince.leeds.ac.uk/~viv
Angelika Sebald (York) http://www.york.ac.uk/chemistry/staff/academic/o-s/asebald/
Susan Stepney (York) http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/susan/

Details, registration, submission (for posters**) at

(**) Poster session plus posters displayed in coffee break area
throughout the meeting.

Spaces are limited, please register early to avoid disappointment!